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[Geschlossen] MACV Intel 20. August

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Since there are still misunderstandings (also in our own ranks), we do not play a "classic" exile here! The goal and content of this game is .....


  • who owns the most or most expensive vehicles
  • who has the most money in the account
  • who has the largest and most beautiful base


  • we are GI's of the US Army (Roleplay)
  • our mission is to fight the Viet Cong (not to get rich but because it has to be done)
  • VEEEEEERY Important! We can NOT "win" ..... the Americans did not make it after almost 10 years.

We play a kind of MilSim and not a kindergarten contest who has the "most beautiful castle" with the most "knights"!

Themenstarter Veröffentlicht : 20/08/2019 2:29 pm