MACV Intel 16. July
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1. Unsung Update

Last night, the next update of Unsung Vietnam War Mod was released.

Some interesting changes:

  • The inflatable boats were made significantly more resistant to damage and probably a bit easier controllable (so our request was implemented)
  • Supposedly there are now FFV (fire from vehicle) positions on the M113 and the M274 (Mule)
  • It will probably give a new M274 (Mule) with a gun installed on it

These are just a few of the changes .......

2. Day/Night Circle

The server has been changed to simulate a complete day (24 hours) within a server run (6 hours).

This means that it is about the same time day and night.

3. Supply Drops

Re-introduced were the so-called supply drops.

No one should imagine that in such a drop is now the lottery win to find! It should be clear that this is a small support, nothing more, nothing less.

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