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SSG Anhor
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Of course you can play Vietnam 1968 like a stupid and pointless shooter.
Run to a mission, die there, respawn immediately, run again to the mission, die again, respawn again immediately, etc., etc.
Now please answer the following questions:

1. Why should we then install a Medic and Revive system?

2. Why should we raise this as a Coop mission?

Did not you actually hear the shot? If you want to play stupid Peng Peng Peng, then we recommend BF, CoD or CS: GO.

Our idea, our server and the background story offers more than that ..... much more!
Roleplay is part of the thing in itself!
Is dying so easy for you in real life? You must have a strong belief in rebirth after death!

The top priority for us is survival with ONE character as long as possible!
And that includes "nobody is left behind"! If a comrade is wounded or dies, it is my highest duty to help him (revive)!
This in turn means that the wounded/killed waits the 5 minutes "bleed out time" in which he can be helped!

The goal of this game is to play ... not higher, faster, farther!

We, the MACV SAR team, offer our help to EVERY player. However, what we do not do (long) is to hurry to the rescue and the patient just rejoin!

To all the comedians who still believe you have to win every fight ....... recall the result after 10 years of American intervention in Vietnam!




SSG Anhor

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Themenstarter Veröffentlicht : 23/05/2019 11:36 am

This style of play sounds good to me.

I agree with your high meaning of roleplay.



Veröffentlicht : 13/08/2019 7:28 pm