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Vehicle Repair System

SSG Anhor
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At this point I would like to briefly talk about the Vehicle Repair System.

In contrast to Exile, it is not possible to repair a vehicle (car, truck, tank, helicopter, boat) with Duct Tape in a matter of seconds.

Basically you need a FOOLBOX and spare parts. These FOOLBOX must be in the player's inventory.

Depending on the vehicle type different spare parts are needed:

  • Main Rotor (Helicopter)
  • Tail Rotor (Helicopter)
  • Engine (all)
  • Fuel Tank (all)
  • Glass (most)
  • Wheels (Landvehicles, except Tracked one)
  • Fiberglass (Boats)
  • Junk Metal (most)
  • Metal Boards (only Tanks)

Also, the required replacement parts must be in the inventory of the player.

Now look at the vehicle to be repaired and scroll. Select the point "Repair/Salvage", at the upper left corner of the screen appears another menu. There you choose the part of the vehicle you wanna repair. Everything else happens automatically and takes about 1 minute.

Now it may become clear why there are so called "Engineers".

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